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September 01, 2008



I hate you to the core! How dare you disappear for a month without leaving some notes! Thought you're dead! Uh.... But welcome back!

you should really check this out sounds familiar?


BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!! For everything!!!! You have come a long way and I hope the people closest to you are very proud of you. Even though it may not mean much to ya, I am very proud of you. You looked like you can own the world if you choose to in those pictures today...Like for many you've won me over..

Peace and love!


hi, found your blog through kennysia. you sounded like paris hilton and the gang, but you are probably not paris, otherwise you wont be f***ing that out-of-work-ex boybander or maybe you are cheating your current beau? Or maybe you are linsday lohan, considering that you have mentioned freaky friday on other post. And how come you don't have any US visitors? and surprisingly you love kennysia. anyway, i will come back often.

Kyle from Malaysia.


I thought it was lindsay lohan too. but nah... can't be. cos lindsay's a lesbian. and the writer's not. or it could be that lindsay's kidding us. or that the writer's gay. keep on writing. u got me really curious!


Celebrity Anonymous, what are your thoughts on:
-Tomboyish female djs
-Guys with the same name as a guy known to eat subway sandwiches
-Friends with benefits

I enjoy reading the blog. xo

Tell Samantha that I want to fuck her please. Im hot so maybe shell like me, anyways, I like your blog, its interesting.


doria jolly is dat you?

LOVE you as a brunette!

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