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July 19, 2008



Good to see you blogging again. I really miss your posts. They are really funny and always make my day so keep it up gal!


Hi there..honestly it's really hard to believe a famous hollywood celebrity has a blog but it's really awesome..keep writing..I just want to know how's life there and is being a celebrity is stressful or amazing?But I guess the paparazzi make the life more hard,right?


Hi there..... Lindsay? or is it Ashley? how ya doing babe? good luck and good nite


fuckin retard.
what "A list celeb" reads kennysia.


ummm. yeah. not buying it. -___-'

Good Boy Gone Bad

And you haters even commented tho claiming that y'all not buying the story. Fuckever it is, this freaking blog is gonna be in my bookmark! Keep writing!


u're obviously lying..

u wont be able to understand most of Kennysia's jokes if you're not a malaysian or singaporean based person :)


If you are fake, I admire your imagination so irregardless of whether you are real or not, I will keep reading because your posts are interesting! Keep writing k!


so uh... if i'm living in australia.. how do you reckon i can become famous in hollywood?? could you help me??!??

Anonymous Visitor

What's with all the 'i hacked your email', 'you must be from s'pore or m'sia', calling names...

Stop leaving childish comments.

I don't really care if the owner of this blog is an A-List actor or anyone else.

What the f*** have you done lately?


Since you like Kennysia.com you might want to have a look at this blogger http://www.bitterstickgirl.com/



Your blog from two years ago:

If only. I've been to Malaysia loads of times and love it! The guys are hot there too!



The link:




stop flaming the blogger.. if u dun like to read dun come.. no one is forcing u to read..


Uhhh hey you're a cancerian! Don't tell me you were born in the 1986.......Random

Anyway, A-list celeb or not, keep up the blog!


it's not important whether she is really a celebrity or not.. the main point is, she is quite good in writing and showing her true colours.. I like it. Keep it up! :)

the believer

i believe that you are lindsay lohan or some celebrity.not because i read ur blog and thought it was valid (just read one entry) but its fun to believe all these things isnt it?whats the point in flaming?let her do and say whatever she wants.dont read it if you dont believe her.


ps-if u are really lindsay lohan,ive been in love with you ever since parent trap.i love u and wanna bang you lindsay(the legal you and not the small kid in parent trap).if u are her and not some other celeb that is.


erin, well spotted!!


The problem I have is not with her writing style or her blog. Its with the claim that she's an A List celeb. Why the need for a charade? A blog with this writing style could get hits anyway.

Keep up the blog. Write more. But I think if you keep this act up, you need to change ur shrink.

Kenny's reader

This is my first time reading your blog, so I don't know whether you'r real or not but I think you'r fake. In this post, you said you've never been to Malaysia before, but I went through your previous posts and one of them where you mentioned Edward Lim from Malaysia, you said you've been to Malaysia many many times and you think the guys there are hot. So have you been to Malaysia or not? And your English is bad and you don't sound American. Sorry.

March 14 2006 10.30am post

" I've been to Malaysia loads of times and love it! The guys are hot there too!"

July 19 2008

"BEFORE MY RANT: One, I have never been to Malaysia! Two, if someone is kind enough to link to me, and ya' can't be kind back, fuck off."


So, you're an A-list Hollywood star but you ONLY managed to gain readership from Malaysia and Singapore?

C'mon, i can tell from your sitemeter. Its so obvious that you're a fake!


"A-fuckinglistcelebrity" (is dat wot a gud writing suppose to be?)... if itz reli a fuckin healing thing, den, stop boastin bout ur muthafuckinPENTHOUSE, ferraris & money, n oso da way u get fucked like a ho.. u tink u're d only bitch rollin in dem ferraris? please, stop frontin. watz wit a Afuckinlist who cant afford a proper healing session. get a life, dont trip. if u're an Alist, i felt sry fo ur fuckinboring life wich i obviously tink u r... o i mean u r, WANNABE A-LIST. u wanna heal? u wanna do charity fo da people? b a fuckin gud example n stay outta drug n get high like fuck. matter fact, u can easily get rid of urself by shootin urself, den u'll b an Alist. artist get famous wen dey died.


Writing and pretending to be an "A-list-celebrity" with a penthouse, living the life, going to parties, living the glamourous life ? What did you expect people to do ?

You were practically asking for it.

I love Kennysia and all, but this is the worst blog he has ever recommended. :(

All those commenters here who still believe this bullshit, please try reading more than one article. The inconsistencies are everywhere, it's pathetic.

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