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July 21, 2008


Good Boy Gone Bad

Poor thing, well based on Perez Hilton, the site can really make you believe that there are celebrities who actually not as cool as what we think they are. But of course, there are things which he didn't even disclose. Like the Miley Cyrus' incident, I somehow think she shouldn't be labeled as a slut or what, come on! That is her privacy!

p/s: Hey, when are you gonna make a comeback? ;) I really can't wait!


you're so weird.

why would you pretend so hard to be a celebrtity????


are you trying to start another one of those www.delfindjmontano.blogspot.com-esque blogs??

man.. i reckon blogging has gone to waste.. it used tobe such a wonderful thing.. and now people like you destroy it.

get a life loser. and if you're by any chance from curtin, miri, sarawak.. i reckon i know who you are. you must've been the same person that created the curtin gossip blog..DUMBASS!

Good Boy Gone Bad

Gee... Another hater... *Yawns*


funny blog..funny hint and funny no mention of this blog anywhere in celeb mag or perez's site..haha funny kennysia and saiful rizan..

im not saying anything but its really funny..with all the swearing that it almost sounds funny and tame coming from you since its so repeated and cliched..

why 'typepad' and not 'dot com' given ur supposed wealth..why celeb buzz and amazonn when you're looking for an outlet and don need the revenues..

oh ya not forgetting and subtle and not so subtle and almost deliberate mention of hotels, parties, drugs, sex, gadgets...well, didn ur shrink asked u to write bout wat u feel? haha

funny self-hint by stac and funny full sized pic of miley..if i were her and i am ur supposed 'someone dear to you' then i would like to say a BIG thank you for posting it up and increasing the publicity i want soo much and making it easier for ppl to find it..

funny good boy gone bad..aint that analogous to good girl gone bad? lol no creativity? haha funny

haha my advice to you..go and get a life..there are many things out there in the world than impersonation..sure its fun but ya i find it sooo funny.

and if you are real (if you insist so) then i really do suggest you go and see a shrink and possibly have some personality disorder drug while you're at it..

and oh i wonder if this comment of mine will make it up to your other post as yet another 'stalker' well, u can have peace of mind cuz this 'stalker' aint stalking, never did, never will, never wanted to, never had the reason to..haha

lets see how long you'd last..

I Love You All, Really??



p.s thx kennysia for the link..the grain of salt didnt help..well didn need it anyways..


Damn you, now am back on the " Team Linds" (of course, if it really is Lindsay, my gut say 80% it is)...Anyway, the fact that you realized the point I was making, speaks volume about your growth, as well as maturity...Keep it up and I wish you nothing but the best.....

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