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July 26, 2008


If you are doing the show - congrats dear


mid day cocktail parties. yum :)

cmon, give us a clue to your identity!


hey if u are who i think u are,
the motorcyclists must be a moron to hit u.
hope you're okay.
p/s: do the 'L' sign to TMZ papparazzzoo

hearts hearts ♥


you owe me and my friends an apology for destroying our lunch. you saw the paps gathering,yet u still had to sit outside. the whole situation could of been avoided, but GOD FORBID, ur a selfish CUNT.Luckly, ur next movie will bomb and u will be considered a wash-up, thus forgotten..and ur little man look stupid doing that with his phone....

May Zhee

Gawd ... update already ... what are you doing anyway? Hitting on random chicks on the internet or something?

Assuming you're still bisexual.

cool blog !


Where you been ma? I'm sure u got some new cool stories to share. And ur looking good!


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