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July 14, 2008



This is a fascinating blog, with passionate, genuine advice; I'm not surprised you have so many readers. You're honest, and that's what counts. I'm just wondering who in the heck you are!!! Any clues??

Anonymous Celebrity -- whoever you are -- I'm a fan! PLEASE keep this up.


hi sweetie,

greetings from Singapore! I'm another reader of Kenny's and got linked to you. Love your blog, keep writing! =D


Checked out ur site from the link in Kennysia..
and It got me stucked on it for a full few hours, checking back on ur later post..
will link to ya asap...

Hope everything goes rili well...


I know you! Lindsay!



I found this blog via Kenny's and it's possibly among the most intriguing blogs I've come across.

Whoever you are, please keep it up and I hope you'll find blogging as liberating as some of us.


I rather find it cool and uh, well... intelligent (sometimes) to break the rules. But hey, I'm glad you're back sweetie.



Just another Malaysian blogger trying to pretend to be an anonymous celebrity........ why the fuck would a Celebrity even hint that they are an "A-List-Celebrity" if they wanted to avoid attention ?

I hacked into your email and searched for your real life photos just to make sure. Don't worry, I won't post it anywhere.. if you stop this bullshit.

Stop lying to the blog readers !!! >:(


I don't know why I feel so intrigue to actually comment but... I seriously admire your honesty.

Gosh, is this what I'm supposed to say to a celebrity? Lord knows you might be someone I just saw on the big screen last night. Damn.


Somehow I think you're Lindsay Lohan but I'm not quite sure?
I'm wondering why aren't you SUPER famous right now because everyone's guessing who you are! Maybe because you aren't posting pictures? Not of yourself of course... I have a blog myself and everyone loves pictures. :)

I'm gonna link you up.



seriously, is lindsay lohan an A-List ??


lindsay?? wowwww...

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