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July 22, 2008



er for a while, i actually believed this blog is truly written by a celeb. but afte much thought, it's unbelievable. why would an A list celeb to be so free to keep updating her blog? that is just strange and many ppl have guessed you to be lindsay lohan.. i think ure just trying to impersonate her and give others that impression since u specifically chose her birthday to blog. i dun think l. lo is that free to update this blog.. and she sure doesnt seem bothered enough to be the kind who blogs -.- also some of her writings (such as her apologies after receiving complaints from her movie set a year or two ago), this doesnt seem to be her writing either. try harder dude. real celeb wont bother wastig their time writing this and posting other comments up on numerous occasion to flame them back. o a second thought, i think kennysia has something to do with this blog. its either his close fren or he himself who's writing this -.- if not, why the harcore selling of kennysia in this website? funniest thing is, why kennysia of all people? why dun u associate yourself wth trent from pinkisthenewblog or something instead.


twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder Who you are :)

Good Boy Gone Bad

I still have this feeling that this is L.Lo! Or maybe Britney? LOL

good boy gone bad sounds gay

yea... maybe its fuckin dina lohan who blog this shit. u kno who ruin lohans' life... DIfuckinNA. Ali will b da nex who gon fall like LiLo, get rich n den turn bitch. old witch who pushes her dsughters to bcum bitches. for her own sake.

Good Boy Gone Bad

LOL gbgbsoundsgay, it's like pot calling kettle black, wtf is this shit, u don't even have the balls to reveal urself, fucking sonovabitch. Fuck ya!


I have a few questions:

What do you like about kennysia's blog?
U keep mentioning him now and then.
How did u know about kenny's blog.

Btw, u said u have never been to Malaysia. U should come to malaysia, kennysia can be your tourguide. Yippee.

All this with the assumption u really are an A-list celeb.


Btw, u should really give kennysia a gift. I found out about ur blog through his. Because u keep mentioning kennysia in ur entries, i keep reading and reading ur past entries trying to figure what the f**k does kenny have to do with you.

If i had chanced upon ur blog through some random site, i would not have keep reading it as it is quite boring sometimes. We have loads of other bloggers ranting their daily shit like you do.

But because its kennysia u keep mentioning, he is so influential in malaysia and all, and i have come to believe that just maybe u might be an A-list celeb/lind lohan.

Oh ya back to the point, i'm just curious why the hardcore selling of Kennysia.

Or maybe u just really like his post?

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