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July 23, 2008



Intersting, you're in New York.......Hmmmmm, damn am good....I credit the game board Clue...

And, I totally agree about NY..When, I go on vacation, and am ready to return to NY, I always wish that I wouldnt leave the place am vacation at... However, as soon as the plane is landing at JFK and than I see the lights, I snap back to reality and think of how grateful I am, that I was born and raised in New York...I would never leave this place.....


That picture is an old picture of NY

*People are wearing hoods.
*Fantasia is no longer in the Color Purple

Get a life you fucking loser, wasting peoples time!


Hmm... The Pirate Queen's last show was in June. Are you really in nyc right now?


gosh if its such a waste of time, why do u bother reading?

or is anonymous celeb holding u at gun point to read her blog? hahahaha

interesting stuff. like the vulgarity.

Silent Banana

New York's simply fabulous. Anyhow, Fantasia's Color Purple ad can sometimes still be seen around NY.


Hi, I dunno whether you are really Lindsay Lohan... BUt anyway, good luck for your career.

I got to know your blog via Kenny's blog.


Your too fag to be a Hollywood star. Ppl tend to look high on themselves. And you? You already off the limit

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