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July 24, 2008



Did you write this? This is BRILLIANT ... but I think it's Keats, or Poe. Can't find it on the internet though, so maybe it's you??


I think the poem was bloody brilliant. It's archaic sounding, but still brilliant. And it's posted on my birthday, which makes it twice as brilliant. Haha.

But onto the serious stuff, you seem to have a fixation with the word "gimmick", and in a way I can understand how that relates to you being a celebrity. All around you are gimmicks, and you, being so very famous, are often employed in these gimmicks yourself. Somehow that word is stuck in my head, it is the one word that I remember most clearly from your poem.

You last stanza is evidently a plea for love. Something that transcends the physical simplicities of the word. Pardon me if I'm wrong, but your last few lines say that you're satisfied with your lovers sexually, but they don't give you the emotional comfort and support that you really need. If that is true, then I feel very sad indeed for you.

Still, I think your poem does bring out your anguish, and there is much pain in it, even if unintended.

Cheers (and sorry for a lengthy post),


wow.. yr poem seems angry yet describes the pain you're feeling

great job, full of emotions!


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