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July 16, 2006


anonymous fan

Looking at the schedule of MTV's Fabulous life of... i'm guessing you're...Mariah Carey?


You're Mariah Carey?

I get the feeling you can't quite decide whether you want to extend your celebrity into the blogging sphere or not. At times it seems as if you are enjoying your anonymous status here ( who wouldn't) -then again occasionaly you wish for them all to know about this blog. I mean, there's aboviously a lot of things you would like to scream out but you can't , it would be bad PR. You know, celebrity or not, when you have the need to say something, you should just go ahead and say it, no matter what your fans, other celebrities, producers and studios will think.

Phil M -anonymous :)

Dear Celebrity Girl,

Today I was searching for some info on the life of a celebrity. I have been following the Mel Gibson story, and I feel bad for the guy. He has a disease called Alcoholism. I share addiction recovery and wonder how does a celebrity recover anonymously? I can not imagine being a celebrity and would actually hate the life, because like you describe, it would take away parts of my life that I truly enjoy. I obviously have my own set of issues that I must deal with daily and sometimes by the minute. I just read your entire Blog from start to end, (skimming some of it) and I feel bad for you. Who ever you are.....God Bless and I pray that whatever it is you are looking for that you find it. I spent 25 years of my life feeling empty and crazy as you describe...and using "my drug" to fill the void. I attempted many different ways to fill the void. When it was all said and done, God helped me find recovery. Thank God....I am sober today. Your story sounds familiar but with a celebrity twist. It can only make things more difficult I would imagine. I just shake my head in wonderment sometimes.... God Bless..take care.

Phil M - anonymous


haha... cool anomity.. :p

Any idea when we might get another update?

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