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May 30, 2006



First to post today and right before work :-)
I'll go listen in a bit thanks for the heads up...

and have fun at "work" ol miss celeb. I would hardly call it that, but yea yea...
I'm just kidding. Work hard, play hard. Which I'm sure you do already!


I've listened to her song ... Awesome!!! Hope she'll be someone successful someday!

Susan Albers

Hey there,

Thanks for your kind comments on my music and your recommendation for people to go and check it out.

Glad you like what you hear and your support is really appreciated.

I am recording new material at the moment, so make sure you drop by and check it out when it's posted! Like to hear what you think!

Keep spreading the word!!!



Susan Alber is pretty good =) Liked "Is it too late" the best...


Hey that's not bad at all! Sounds a bit Ashlee Simpson with a pleasant twist.

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