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May 22, 2006



Can I have a Chanel bag while you're at it? =X Lol I'm just playing =P =)


Such is the life of a top celeb eh? That even going out with someone needs the approval of committees of people. Sheesh.

At least you don't have to fill in forms in triplicate before you fucking the fellow. I'm thinking that it kinda spoils the mood when you whip out paperwork in the middle of getting hot and heavy.

Heck, I doubt even the most twisted of fetishist would find signing along a dotted line arousing in any way.

last chaos gold

Hi! What a beautiful garden you have! I am wanting to do somthing like that, but on a MUCH smaller scale. How did you build the cedar boxes? That's what I'm attempting to do right now. I'd be really happy of any help you could give. Thanks!

Someone E. Smith

There is an online campaign to see that the Grammy Awards( considered a far more respectable venue than the mTV Awards) honors Michael Jackson, who held the Guinness World record as the Most Humanitarian Entertainer for the last nine years of his life, and who continues to do so a year after his death, is honored with an annually presented humanitarian award in his name.
Those interested may contact The Grammys at: ranews@grammy.com

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