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March 15, 2006



Go for it. Get some love in one form or another. Life is short. You trust him that it's not just a rebound thing, so trust your judgement. You seem to have already choose him over her, so take the plunge.


Interesting scenario but giving a third person point of view, I think if you really regard your friend as a friend you wouldn't do this to her. I don't know the whole situation so my view might be wrong but if you're really her friend you'd take her feelings into condsideration. As for this guy friend of yours if he really "loved" you he'd understand if you wanted things to cool off first but then again that's just what I think.

Rule of thumb is, if you're afraid of other people finding out what you do, it's most probably wrong :D


Don't go to the other person's party, DON'T hang out with him/her. How old are these people? Fourteen and a half?

In any case, hey it's your life. Do what you like, but let the initial euphoria taper down a little first.

Here's my timeline for relationships:

3 days - Confirmed that this one is human. Can actually communicate.

3 weeks - Not a complete emo wuss-bag. Actually has brains.

3 months - The rose-tinted glasses starts to melt. Guy's pocket roasted from "putting his best foot forward". Sleep deprivation from too many late nights set in.

6 months - You have heard all the stories, done all the lovey-dovey stuff. You know the friends, the family, all the good stuff. The "honeymoon period" is over. NOW, the relationship starts.

Get over the 6th month, and let's see what happens.

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