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March 17, 2006



spend them on pampering urself ( coz u deserve them after all da hard work!!) or treat ur family n closest frens 2 a vacation at ur favourite place~~enjoy~~


...oh yea, i won't mind 2 hav sum xtra $$$ 2 feed my insatiable shopping spree....hehehehehehe....good day~~~


I guess it's true that only rich people can "afford" to say that money isn't everything ;)

Just goes to show that after amassing a fortune, you realize that money isn't the answer to all your problems.

Material things will only help fulfill your physical needs but it won't fill that hole in you soul. Some people fill it with religion, some with their soul mates but if you have too much money that you don't know what to do with, why not try helping others?

Not just writing a cheque helping but also doing volunteer work. I know this might sound stupid to some but doing work just for the work itself with no financial reward can be so liberating and feel so rewarding at the same time.

I don't know if this makes any sense to you but since you asked, I thought I'd give a suggestion :D


Just got proven right again... Attraction is NOT about being handsome, or rich, or successful.

It's got everything to do with being just yourself, and NOT being a wuss.

Thanks hun.

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