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March 19, 2006



i noe i noe~~~brad & angelina!!!


like benny suggested, money can't reli bring happiness if ur soul is dying inside....but then again, use it 2 brighten up those less fortunate....it won't even cost more than 4 penthouses~~hehehe~~try self-help books 2 appease da spiritual needs u might hav ignored all these times....life worth more than juz $$$ & work...check out ww.postsecret.blogspot.com & u r aware tat u r not alone...good luck...


Hey, I've been coming to this site to read your blog for more than a few times already but I've never commented before. I just want to let you know that I really really enjoy reading your blog, so post more often k!


Saw something about Brangelina in the paper today actually. Apparently they were meant to be getting hitched a The Cloonsters mansion in northern italy this weekend (just gone) and the place was swarming with paparazzi (spit) all weekend and made the town a whole heap of money but there was no wedding. Now either Brangelina's publicists have cooked this up to throw thw paparazzi (spit) off the trail, or it was cooked up by the tourist board of the town...
Then again it might have been a huge misunderstanding, I see conspiracies everywhere me, makes life that much more interesting.

BTW, good to have you back babe. You were gone for so long. I thought you might have given up the ghost.


Yee Lin

U've been gone too long, i kept comin back to check and there were no posts for almost 2 months and now here u are! u sprung back to life again, keep it up! Btw, the previous layout looked much better ;)) just a thought :P

keep it up gal!


Two HUGEEEE movie stars are getting married?

Lemme guess.

Kenny Sia and Anonymous Celebrity?



Celebrity marriages... I wonder how long this one is gonna last.

That being said, I really do admire those folks that do stay together. Hats off to them. I wonder if I will stay faithful in the midst of so much temptation. So might as well NOT get married, and NOT get attached. And just have all the fun under the sun!

In the words of a wise friend in Singlish, "Wanna have milk, no need to bring the whole cow back right?"

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