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March 23, 2006



I linked to you. I didn't use the button as it would clash with my current layout. but the link is there I can assure you.


Shit. That's rough.


PS: Good to have you back!


You've gone missing again. :(


Apologies for disappearing.

I got called up by my country and had to wear army clothes for most of the month.

It's wonderful to see you posting again. FINALLY.

Hmm... I wonder what it'll take to barge into the little cabin and really liven up the party. I mean back in economy there's always something to do, someone to talk to.

Met this old lady on a flight, and she was going to France to meet her son in a round-the-world yacht race. Spent a good 2 hours talking. Then after that we just stood and watched the sunrise over the horizon.


Ok so I think you may want to check out my site before you offer me a link to your site. You may not be as amused as I am. I am against all things evil and stupid. You don't appear to be evil or stupid and I'm fairly amused by your random thoughts and happenings. I am all about the celebration of all things random. Randomness aside we deal, no?

Have a good one,



Let me know when Carnival of the Vanities is up! Looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you today, with 42 entry e-mails to go through.


Oh hi... I just drop by this when I was checking on Kenny Sia's blog... owhhh it sounds like something interesting over here for me to check out daily huh? Anyway... a blog actually can helps you a lot in expressing your thoughts n feelings when you can merely tell it to anybody..


hiyee... im looking forward to you updating your blog. =)


Are you like http://anonymouslawyer.blogspot.com ?
The writer is a law student but he pretends to be a real one on that blog.


heyyy upload soon! i miss your entries already!


Google and double click merger?

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