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March 15, 2006



ur entries do interest me alotzzz, so juz posting sum comments 2 advise ya...unless u wanna f**k up ur frenship wif either or both parties, it's better not 2 b sexually involved wif da guy at tis moment of a fresh break up....da gal's still sore & sensitive from da broken relationship & u, as her best fren, slept wif her ex rite after their breakup!!! da gal might find out any moments & all hell let loose by then & ur conscience is strangling u all da time....y put urself in such situation when u can find other better men out there?? another thing wif great frens is if they ARE tat best frens, their breakup shud b kept juz 4 them, n shud leave u out of their mess as u r their close fren....even if u think ur relationship wif da guy can blossom, save it after everything cools off between da couple....it's not da media tat u shud worry of, coz another hot news wil definitely cover urs if ur affair was 2 b leaked out 2 da magazines & gossip covers....i believe life as a celebrity has always tough as TRUE frens r so hard 2 find n every1 else juz wanna has her own 15mins of fame, juz posing as ur "frens"....if u truly appreciate ur frenship wif da gal n da guy, better leave them out of ur life until they settle their stuffs & stop involving innocent frens in their feuds...good luck

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