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January 22, 2006



Woa! This is a change of tone. But, it does fit in with the whole Celebrity 'x' persona: you want attention. You want us to tell you that we love you. Well, we don't really love you. We're just obsessed with you. We're fantasizing about you. You're rich and famous, and we're struggling nobodies. You're in sunny California and we're in rainy nowhere -- well I'm in New York, which I prefer over L.A. -- but I live in a small apartment and I have to deal with some dick across the street who thinks he's a hip-hop star, rapping on his front stoop at 2 in morning, keeping me up all night, while you're in your penthouse apartment, hanging out with real hip-hop stars.

Drink the wine, enjoy the Xanax...write us about it. Tell us about how you meet with Cruella, but it's fun because your still sort of high. Give us an insider's view into lunch with another A-lister. The shit you talk about...like how all stars smoke in private. That was good shit. Think of something creative. You're capable of it. This blog is proof of that. Be our mercenary A-list celebrity.

Fame and attention don't come for free. You entertain us, help us with our fantasies and we'll pay you back.

Anonymous Celebrity

I just don´t know if I have the energy anymore, I´m sorry. I´m thinking of folding the site if I can´t get more. I´m sorry ... I´ve heard too many empty promises and I have too much on the line to make this worthwhile

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